Ed Fountain Park

Ed Fountain Park is located in the heart of Las Vegas, NV, which has a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of Sin City. This park was originally a tiny plot of land donated to the city in 1965 by Ed Fountain, an area resident who wanted to give back to his community. The park has since been expanded and improved with grant money from the city and private donors. Renowned Las Vegas landscaper Peter Curran designed the park.

Today, Ed Fountain Park is one of the most beloved public spaces in Las Vegas that features many amenities.


Here are the amenities you can see and enjoy at Ed Fountain Park:

Large Playground and Skating park

The brightly colored playground equipment, including swings and slides, allows children of all sizes to play safely. In addition, there is a spacious skating park with rails and ramps perfect for skateboarding or rollerblading. If you're seeking something more relaxing, the park also features plenty of benches and green spaces where you can sit back and feel the peace of this oasis in the heart of Las Vegas.

Picnic Areas with Grills

Ed Fountain Park also boasts several picnic areas spread throughout its lush grounds, allowing you to enjoy a nice outdoor meal surrounded by nature's beauty. The park's wide open spaces provide plenty of room for large groups to gather and enjoy the day together, while the rustic wooden picnic tables give a more intimate setting for smaller gatherings.

Here's a tip: The best time of the day to have a barbecue is at sunset when the sky turns beautiful shades of pink and orange. The park's grills are available and provide a great way to cook your favorite foods. Just make sure to bring your charcoal and clean up after yourself.

Basketball Courts and Soccer Fields

If you want to get active, Ed Fountain Park has two full-sized basketball courts and soccer fields perfect for a friendly game of pickup. There is also a large open field where you can play other sports like football or frisbee. In addition, the park has a walking and jogging trail, which is great for getting in your daily exercise.

Paved Walkways and Trails

Ed Fountain Park features various walkways and trails, all paved for easy access. You can stroll around the park's perimeter or hike through its interior to take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. The park also has numerous shade for those hot days.

Sports Facilities

For those looking to get their heart rate up, Ed Fountain Park has several different sports fields free of charge. Football, basketball, and baseball are popular choices here, and a dedicated jogging path is perfect for an early morning jog or evening run.

Wedding Venues

Ed Fountain Park offers several wedding venues if you are looking forward to tying the knot in a beautiful setting. These areas provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and lush green spaces perfect for a romantic outdoor ceremony. The park also has an event center that can be rented for larger gatherings, making it an ideal spot for your dream wedding!